"you made a difference"

Just by doing your job well with the tilt test appointment and being nice and not making me feel a bit of a hypochondriac, you have made more difference than you could imagine. I had pretty much turned my back on being a doc, because I just saw more bad practice in a few years than I imagined existed. Somehow you showed me that doing it right is still possible, I just got unlucky till now.

- Mrs HG October 2018

I am totally satisfied

Dear Andreas,

Thank you very much for the excellent and extremely useful tilt table test appointment. I definitely have a much better understanding of what triggers my faints now I've been able to explore them in a safe environment and will be much better able to manage them in future. I am totally satisfied that there is no need for further exploration into my fainting at the moment beyond attending the final appointment with the Hammersmith Hospital Syncope neurology department. Do feel free to contact me about participating in any future research studies.

Best wishes for a happy 2017

- Miss AH - January 2017

So grateful for your expertise

My partner and I would like to thank Patricia for her detailed assessment of my condition. The consultation, test and immediate feedback on observations were expertly conducted with calm warmth, clarity and great understanding. My syncope episodes had been undiagnosed since Easter and the uncertainty of being in "diagnosis limbo" was very unsettling.

We both felt very reassured by your considerate and methodical approach; your skilled and forensic questioning allowed us to put the pieces together. We are grateful that you encouraged my partner to be part of the consultation process before the test and then again after the test. It was helpful to have her present both to contribute to the history of the events and for her to hear the reassurances and suggested lifestyle changes. Your explanation of the physiology helped us to understand more fully the circumstances of the loss of consciousness that I had experienced. I had been quite shaken by the experience.

I'm glad the Tilt table test was revealing and have increased my water and salt intake and do the preventative exercises you recommended. I can wholeheartedly say that I am feeling both emotionally and physically considerably better. I am confidently returning to work. Your reassurances and recommendations for changes were powerful. We are both so grateful for your time and expertise.

- Mr JP - June 2016

Your service is incredible

I would just like to say thank you very much for your prompt, caring and thorough review of my mom in your syncope clinic. Your service is incredible and has been extremely helpful (after months / years of uncertainty). Your knowledge and experience was very apparent.

- Ms CL - March 2017

Thank you for your kindness

It was such a comfort to have Patricia looking after me yesterday - thank you so much for your kindness.  We bought a sandwich and sat outside for half an hour then called the cab which brought us home.  The test was quite an experience and helped me to understand what is going on inside my body.

- Ms DC - April 2017

I have a better quality of life!

After spending many years being passed between doctors and specialists, I finally ended up in the capable hands of the Syncope Clinic. Syncope can be such a challenging (and misunderstood) condition and I was struggling so much that it had taken over my life. Trish gently talked me through the tilt test, which gave a clear diagnosis.

With the support of Dr Lim and the team, I was able to feel more in control of my symptoms and we looked for ways I could manage them in my day-to-day life. There are different options available, from lifestyle changes to medication. Dr Lim describes clear and simple techniques that can prevent fainting and associated injuries.

They are a fantastic team and I have a much better quality of life for having seen them as a patient!

- Mrs MSJ - April 2017

Incredibly helpful and caring

The care I have received from the syncope service has been fantastic. All the staff I have come into contact with have been incredibly helpful, friendly and caring. What has impressed me most is how they have taken the time to explain everything clearly to me, whether that is about the tilt test, the condition itself or my treatment options and medication.

I have always felt well informed about every stage of my diagnosis and treatment, and I've never been made to feel like I'm taking up too much time or asking silly questions. The ability to contact the team from home when I'm having a difficult time or have some questions has been brilliant, and they have always responded promptly and helpfully.

Syncope can be quite scary and overwhelming but I have really been reassured and supported by the team. I am very grateful to them all.

- Ms G.T. - Jan 2018