Hydrate To Stop Faints

People who faint need to think carefully about what and how much they drink. Think of your body as a water tank with a minimum water level needed to feed the brain. If it drops below that you are ‘dehydrated’. For people who faint, it is important to keep the tank as full as possible so that even if the level drops (pooling) there is still enough to supply the brain. Keeping your tank well filled or ‘hydrated’ means you need to:

  • Avoid caffeine. It dehydrates you. Caffeine can be found in coffee but also black and green teas, chocolate and some soft including colas and sports drinks. Read the labels.
  • Drink At least 2 L of water or non caffeinated drinks a day. This does not have to be plain water. Be creative! There are may alternatives to be had. Just find something you like.
  • Eat more salt. Sea salt, table salt, white, pink or black. (Talk to your doctor or nurse about your intake if you have other health conditions)

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