What led us to start up stopfainting.com?

At the Imperial Syncope Diagnostic Unit based in London, where we see more than 1000 patients a year with syncope, we have built up experience over 10 years to understand that the diagnosis of Vasovagal syncope is very common; yet it is often misdiagnosed, and given that misdiagnoses adds to the anxiety of not knowing, numerous diagnostic tests, with management strategies which are not communicated effectively in the context of busy outpatient services. Our goals is therefore to:

  1. Be a patient-centred platform to educate patients, using clear and simple language and illustrations, on why patients faint and the simple steps that can be applied to stop fainting
  2. We would like to provide the same high-level of information and care (as we do in clinic) to patients using an on-line platform to be able to reach out of all patients