Why do we faint? An Expert opinion from Dr Wieling

In the video below, Dr Wouter Wieling, one of the pioneers in our understanding of syncope and who developed the idea of isometric counter pressure manoeuvres, explains why we feel faint. In his inspiring way, Dr Wieling explains, simply, why we faint and how the body provides you with tools to stop fainting.

Dr  Wieling is a passionate advocate of the need to educate professionals and patients who struggle with feeling faint as a way to improve care and wellbeing.

The video was developed with the aim to help patients and healthcare specialists increase their understanding why we faint and how to prevent this. Dr Wieling shows how the blood pressure drops when a patient who has a tendency to faint, drops their blood pressure when standing up.  It shows how using the muscles of the lower legs can have a big impact on managing symptoms. It also shows how Isometric exercises may help prevent fainting.


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About the author

Dr Wouter Wieling

Dr Wouter Weiling is widely recognised as a passionate scientist with a strong focus in understanding the mechanisms of vasovagal syncope. He has published many fundamental papers looking at the physiology of syncope and is widely credited with showing how isometric counterpressure manoeuvers really do work for vasovagal syncope.