Who can tell me if i faint

2nd April 2023 | Dr Phillip Eardley


Should you experience a loss of consciousness it is very important that you gain the correct diagnosis – or explanation for why it happened. The correct diagnosis is a crucial part of receiving the correct treatment. In this section the STOP FAINTING team explain who can help you get the right diagnosis and how.

Your GP (Personal Physician) or a doctor who has seen you in a hospital setting may be able to confirm that you have fainted. However, you may also need also need or benefit from a referral to a specialist Syncope department and /or have a Tilt Table Test.

However the starting point to getting the correct diagnosis and treatment lies with the clinician you see being able to get as much information about you and what happened before, during and after your event(s). We call this getting a good MEDICAL HISTORY.

Tests That You May Have?

The information you and others are able to provide the medical team will also help them to select the appropriate diagnostic tests you might need to have.

These tests include:

• Electrocardiograph (ECG)
• 24 hour ECG monitoring
• Echocardiograph (Echo) Ultrasound of the heart
• 24hr Blood pressure monitoring
• Tilt Table Test

For More Detailed Information on these Tests

The British Heart Foundation and the Heart Rhythm Alliance are excellent sources if you want to understand more about these cardiac tests. Suggested Links:



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