Mr Andreas Dirksen

Syncope Nurse Specialist (Nurse Consultant in Germany since 2021)

Professor Sutton, widely regarded as a doyenne in the field of syncope, is credited with establishing the tilt table service as a useful tool to diagnose syncope. This widely used diagnostic test is now used in 100s of hospitals worldwide, and Prof Sutton continues to provide expert care and guidance to the Imperial Syncope Unit, and continues to be prolific in publications in the Syncope field.

Now retired from clinical medicine, Prof Sutton remains a gracious friend and collaborative research colleague and clinical sounding board for our team, which gives us much inspiration and motivation.

Prof Sutton enjoys walking, travel, swimming, opera, classical music, fashion, collecting antiques and interior decoration.5, 6 He lives in Monaco with his family.

His academic profile can be found here

Meet the Team

Boon Lim


I am a Cardiologist and Clinical Electrophysiologist, with a particular specialist interest in syncope

Melanie Dani


I am a Consultant Geriatrician, running regular clinics, alongside doing research in the field of syncope

Philip Eardley

Senior Syncope Nurse

I am an experienced Cardiac Nurse Specialist with over 20 years as a Cardiac Nurse and A&E Nurse specialist

Patricia Taraborrelli

Lead Nurse

I am a Senior Syncope Nurse specialist , who commenced working in Syncope in 2011, and I now lead the nursing team

Lisa Gaughan

syncope Nurse

I am a syncope nurse specialist who joined the Imperial Team in 2023, with a background as an acute cardiac nurse

Morwenna Opie-Moran


I am a Clinical Psychologist, helping  to provide stop fainting with helpful articles with psychological insights

Richard Sutton

Cardiology Professer

I am a Professer of Cardiology that helped establish the tilt table service as a useful tool to diagnose syncope

Andreas Dirksen

Syncope Nurse

I used to work with the imperial syncope unit until 2021, and helped to set up this very website!

Artur Federowski

Syncope specialist

I am a Syncope Specialist, who also works as an Associate Professor at Lund University, helping the new generation

Ethan Lim

Web Designer

I am the youngest member of the stop fainting team, who works to design, create and maintain this website