Have you recently fainted?

what conditions can make me faint ?

First Time Fainting?

Our website aids individuals with fainting experiences and confirmed diagnoses. Consult a doctor if unsure about the cause of your fainting episode. 



At Stop Fainting, we offer concise guidance on managing symptoms and preventing fainting episodes through safe lifestyle measures that can be implemented at home and work. 

Meet the Team

The Stop Fainting team consists of healthcare professionals specializing in syncope. Supported by the Imperial Health Charity, our content is created by experts from the renowned Imperial Syncope Diagnostic unit at Hammersmith Hospital, London.


I definitely have a much better understanding of what triggers my faints now. I've been able to explore them in a safe environment and will be much better able to manage them in the future
Miss A.H.
The care I have recieved from the syncope service has been fantastic. All the staff I have come into contact iwht have been incredibly helpful, friendly and caring.
Mrs G.T.
It was such a comfort to have you looking after me yesterday - thank you so much for your kindness. The test was quite an experience and helped me to understand what is going on inside my body
MisS D.C.